The future of digital payments.

By combining the best in user experience and usability, Nautilus delivers the smoothest payment experience out there

The most features of any cryptocurrency wallet.

Nautilus is packed with features to make it as easy as possible to use

Send, with a message

Use memos to tag what your transactions are for, they'll show up in the transaction history and if the recipient uses Nautilus, they'll see it too.

Request from friends

Easily send payment requests to friends and family using any of the supported username types, pasting addresses should be a thing of the past.

Create a gift card

Your friend isn't familiar with crypto? No problem, load up a digital gift card with nano and we'll get them started.

Managing cryptocurrency has never been easier

With so many useful features Nautilus makes managing payments a breeze

  • Payment Requests

    Easily get payments from friends and family using requests.

  • Payment Notifications

    Get notified with push notifications whenever someone sends you nano.

  • Fast & Easy to use.

    Responsive and Fast design are at the heart of what makes Nautilus so easy to use.

  • Split a bill

    Purpose built menu for sending out requests to split up a bill.

  • Encrypted and Secure

    Nautilus utilizes the best security practices to make sure your funds are safe.

  • Send to anyone

    Create and load gift cards with nano that you can send anywhere, no previous experience needed.

Try the future of digital payments today

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